3 N 20 RANCH 

            WELCOME TO 3 N 20 RANCH


Rocko, pictured above, is an excellent example of the quality of  Jack Russells we strive to breed and raise here at 3 N 20 Ranch.  He is our number one stud and has been a strong producer of very beautiful broken coat/wire haired Jacks.
We are a small home based business located 35 miles north of Lansing, Michigan.  We have a 20 acre ranch where the 3 of us raise several animals including: horses, show chickens, beef cattle, cats and of course dogs.  We enjoy a number of activities such as sponsoring Team Prochazka racing at CMS, horseback riding, trail riding, camping, team penning and ranch sorting.  But we mostly enjoy our Jacks and Shepherds, raising pups and finding the perfect homes for those pups.

Our family consists of myself, Dale,  my wife Char and our son Dale Jo.  You can look around and feel free to contact us for further assistance at 517-930-5678.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon!

Dale, Char & Dale Jo
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