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Interesting Facts About German Shepherd Dogs

History of the German Shepherd Breed

The German Shepherd Dog, also referred to as GSD, German Shepherd or Police Dog, in some Countries, was bred in the late 19th and early 20th century.  The breed was the ultimate sheepdog, bred to make a brave, intelligent dog that could herd sheep, run quickly with great stamina. Quickly those that bred German Shepherds realized their usefulness to extend much more than just for sheep herding, and were extremely agile,  powerful, police work and guard dogs. During World War I German Shepherds were the most popular dogs used.  In America the movie star Rin Tin Tin thrilled audiences with his astounding skills, such as leaping nearly 12 feet high and quickly became the most popular dog in America.  Today the incredibly adaptable German Shepherd Dog is a popular guard dog, police dog, guide dog, search & rescue dog, drug sniffing dog and pet. 

Character: The German Shepherd Dog is unusually intelligent, unconditionally loyal, obedient, brave and protective.  It is known for its fearlessness, but it is by no means hostile or aggressive.  They are poignant and devoted, making wonderful companions and ideal watchdogs.  German Shepherds are people dogs, highly versatile and can fit in with any lifestyle.

Temperament: German Shepherd Dogs are highly territorial, making them among the least likely of breeds to run away from a fight. They are not friendly towards strangers and will stop unwanted visitors.  They get along fine with children and other animals, as long as proper socialization has taken place. 


The German Shepherd Dogs are eager pupils and are quick to learn new tricks.  They are most responsive to their owner's voice.  The German Shepherd Dog's versatility makes them suitable for a wide variety of activities.